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Pannelli High Gloss - Acryl Vision

Acryl Vision

Unique deep glossy brilliance, along with the increasing demand in MATT FINISHING colours, are the open demonstration of our skills and experience. METALLIC and ANTI-SCRATCH features complete our product range.

Collection Acryl Vision

Acryl Vision Metallic

Collection Anti-Scratch

Anti-Scratch Metallic

Anti-Scratch Super Matt


Paludet Mario & C. snc
Via Villalta 10
ZI. fraz. Tiezzo
33082 Azzano Decimo (PN) Italy
P.IVA - C.F. IT 00410510937


Tel. +39 0434 640243 / 5
Fax. +39 0434 633391

Production of composite panels
with HPL finishes
laminated, satin aluminum
acrylic sheet, wood veneer